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Name: DJKurara / Kurwastyle Project / Loffciamcore / Round Wave Crusher – Tanoshi Torture
Catalog #: KCRCD003
Format: CD, Album, Split
Released: 22. April 2014
Style: Hardcore, Speedcore, Frenchcore


01. Round Wave Crusher – Lifestyles (The Matraca’s Boys) (6:21)
02. Round Wave Crusher – Tenebrio Obscurus (Larvae) (6:00)
03. Round Wave Crusher – Fiber Overdrive (KM JNKTS) (7:09)
04. DJKurara – Japanese Transformation (4:34)
05. DJKurara – The Esoteric Shock (4:07)
06. DJKurara – Atomic Bomb The Death (Kurwastyle Project Remix) (3:34)
07. Kurwastyle Project & DJKurara – Return Of The Thunderstorm Ninja (5:21)
08. Kurwastyle Project – Speedcore Summer Sex (3:09)
09. Kurwastyle Project – The World Of LSD User (2:21)
10. Loffciamcore & Bondage Schoolgirls Torture – Cuterection (3:11)
11. Loffciamcore – Negative Sound Distortion (3:12)
12. Loffciamcore – Underground Warrior (3:48)

Total time: 52:47


All tracks produced by KyokudoCore Records artists.
Mastered by Threshold Driven Mastering.
Artwork by Mattia Travaglini Artworks.
(C) 2014 KyokudoCore Records.

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